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The City of Bowling Green's Stormwater Program is available to visit your classroom with a 40 to 50 minute long educational program. Our curriculum consists of information on our local water quality and the following:

  • Watershed Model Display (where does water go).

  • Karst Landscape (definition and examples).

  • Strong focus on Bowling Green landmarks such as caves, springs and underground rivers.

  • Things that we can do to improve water quality.

  • How do pollutants and chemicals travel through our water?

  • Enviroscapes to teach about stormwater and waste and drinking water

A list of other resources you can use to learn more about our local karst landscape, stormwater management, and groundwater supplies can be found to the right. Download and share these resources to Become Part of the Solution to Stormwater and Groundwater Pollution! Copyright is maintained by the Bowling Green Department of Public Works and its UnderBG Water Education campaign partners. The source of any materials provided through this campaign should always be indicated.​

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